Things-in-Un-common: Industrial Revolutions, Optimism and FaceBook

Posted by Gerry Poe

apics enterprise operations managementWhat do industrial revolutions, optimism and FaceBook have in common?

A: The 21st Century.  

We have become accustomed to freedom from interoperating constraints. We see something we want, we buy it and it gets delivered overnight. FaceBook going public teaches us successes are not without challenge. Getting on top takes probably more technologies, infrastructure, and tech-savvy than was imagined ten short years ago.

Today, however, putting it all together is less complicated while offering a breadth of systemization previously out of reach. Between technologies and users we now have an enlightened mix of software systems bridging the gaps. The Internet “aware” architecture plays against and with each level of need connecting users to their solutions.

How is this done? Enterprise business software, which becomes the hub for those interconnects, leverages seamlessly integrating and supporting daily business decisions. Legacy systems required a large support structure, expensive technical skills to develop, support, and deploy enterprise level solutions. Today, out of the box, software systems, like SYSPRO ERP (enterprise resource planning) software, are designed to be connectable. These “connected” systems are leading industry forward, with built-in benefits we are just beginning to understand and take full advantage.

While industries were working to build their product mixes; transportation sectors, supply chain, and buyers were limited by what came into the store. In our connected world, buyers and sellers are directly connectable. Manufacturers and distributors connect through electronic ordering and fulfillment systems, without using the telephone to call in an order or confirm a shipment.

We have been upgraded behind the scenes, in our sleep. Industries, technologies, systems around the globe interconnect freely on a communications link we call the Internet. Technologies and standards of communication are designed to make life easier, more convenient while increasing accuracies across all sectors.

At our disposal are market penetration tools called social media, which is fast becoming the inbound and outbound marketing systems linking demand to supply. Content Management Systems are combining a concert of activities focused on customer service.

Here are a few articles speaking to our discussions:

APICS: The Association of Operations Management, The Wall Street Journal and FaceBook.  Each of these may seem distant and off course for the topic. The interplay is brought together well by APICS CEO, Abe Eshkenazi.

APICS: Preparing for the Third Industrial Revolution

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Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit with footprints on the moon. – Paul Brandt

Knowing where you are, with trust in your enterprise tool-set, helps define where to start. For the best possible outcomes, do your internal systems align; people, technologies, and enterprise software?

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