Global Changes Affect Local ERP Software Markets

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As global enterprise changes impact local markets. CEOs must decide against a growing list of criterion to take their company forward in growth and profit.

In the USA, prices are affected by global changes in money or countries at the brink foreclosure. Companies caught in the middle are challenged to stay afloat and primed for buyouts. 

In the mergers and acquisition arena, CEO’s decision to buy or sell is rooted in elements larger than the company and local markets in question.

Since the mid 90’s world markets have been shifting to a global market. Local markets are now reliant on volume and prices dictated by the lowest-capable-buyer. This economic trend is causing both reduced product life cycles and accelerated customer changeover. In these product-market-economy ties, our local economies are, necessarily, reaching further to achieve the same business volume once achievable a few years ago.

To this end, the sustainability of a company is based in some key factors.

Among them are the following:

  • Enterprise systems must be smaller eco-footprint, yet larger in functional capability. Doing the same old thing no longer is acceptable. In the days of a UNIX server lasting ten years because the software was a local-only system, does not make the grade today. As so many authors and industrial experts speak of today, we need a more robust enterprise for the more robust world market we compete in. Smaller is more and consolidated resources are keys.
  • Enterprise software must be capable of grow and shrink modularity.
    • Adding functionality as needed without the usual six to eighteen months of code-and-wait cycles.  Waiting for programmers to complete the as-sold system is unacceptable. Off-the-shelf capability is the new normal.  Systems, malleable by design, are best suited for environments where changing operational scope at the drop of the hat, is expected.  We call this in SYSPRO ERP as Power-Tailoring.
  • Enterprise integration and consolidation of systems, software, and data are independent of the other systems version or platform, which, allows companies to trust their forward push will be supported and deliver reliable decision-support.  In the changing flux of business today, lack of information integration can disrupt a once stable company. With ever changing parameters and key performance indicators, a company needs stability and trust in their information systems. Disparate, non-integrated systems and software leaves departments, divisions and corporate leaders grasping for the single-source-of-the-truth.
  • Enterprise implementation of the tool-sets installed in all areas of the business allows flexibility, strength, and sustainability. Knowing your tool-chest has tools necessary, as needed, gives you trust, and clarity to pursue with confidence, to execute of your vision.  Taking things out of context, being out-of-sync with the reality of an enterprise makes for an uneasy and uncertain future.


Knowing where you are, with trust in your enterprise tool-set, helps define where to start. For the best possible outcomes, do your internal systems align; people, technologies, and enterprise software?

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