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the book on business frm a to zDo you enjoy reading all sorts of business books? Here is a book with clear answers to significant business questions. If you're company is a startup, mid-market and growing, or well established, the book is a meaningful addition for corporate libraries.

Taking a quick view of Chapter "Y" dealing with yields, this information is written by Andy Pattantyus, president of Strategic Modularity. Dealing with your company’s yeilds; how to think about materials, adding or eliminating processes, answering why yeilds are so important. The best about this book is the “WHY” for business.  Answering well those questions we knew to ask, but maybe don't fully understand, while teaching us the ones we didn't know.

What is the best way to calculate and improve financial yield? 

Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) is the best way to calculate financial yield. ROIC measures the actual cash-on-cash return of an investment. Because ROIC excludes interest, depreciation, taxes and accruals, it is the truest measure of a company’s financial performance. Investors want to know whether the operations of a company are creating or destroying value. To create additional value (financial yield), ROIC must be greater than the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), which includes debt and equity. The average WACC for American companies is approximately 9%. If there is to be any positive financial yield at all, the ROIC must be greater than the WACC, otherwise the company is losing value and growth only serves to destroy value faster.

Simple, clear and concise, those are reasons I buy business books. I want answers with more and better questions.  This book delivers more than expected.  For more Amazon reviews click here.

THE Book on Business from A to Z . . . The 260 Most Important Answers You Need to Know is an essential, critical, masterful, understandable and irreplaceable resource! It is a masterpiece of simplicity, relevance and un-common-sense rolled up into a short useable reference.

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