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best erp software for manufacturing sector newsManufacturing Sector Picks Up in March
Does reliance on anything except a downright “Do-It” (builder) mentality result in the business you want?

Looking back on the past 3-4 years of business downturn and global pinching of your pocketbook, how can we take these signals and move forward creating our success? Can we look more closely at our own organization? What can be done to become more aligned for achievement? Organizational efficiencies are traditionally about 33%. Top performing companies are about double that number. Why? Those organizations are matching people to the job, not the other way around. Credentials, poles apart, scale and measurements positively affect our bottom line.

If you take the chance to reshape your organization, what will be done differently? Why? Today, we have been given a clarifier called the internet. We can search and resolve almost any question we have at hand. What the internet does not teach is how best to use the available volumes of information. Where are these resources? Who uses the information? Where, then, can we reach out for the guidance necessary to tailor our search and filter the results for what is best for us? Believe it or not the answer lies within your four walls!

How much further ahead would we be, if we became the change we wanted our organizations to be? Without purpose we don’t have clarity. With clarity, however, not only do we find purpose but also the power to transform our organization. Starting with ourselves we can affect, positively, those outcomes necessary for growth and bottom line benefit.

Andy Pattantyus, President of Strategic Modularity Inc. sums it up:

"In the end, action is needed to move forward. All decisions are made with imperfect information.

The movie “Atlas Shrugged” is a bit trite, but provides a pertinent vignette. The characters Dagney Taggart (Rail Titan) and Hank Rearden (Steel Maker) were alone as the “Just Do It” bunch. All others were either: 1) still not weaned, or 2) actively undermining forward progress.

How is it inside your own organization? Do a handful of people take action, in spite of nay-sayers? Will others follow, but only when it looks safe to climb aboard? Are there “onboard terrorists” actively undermining the forward effort?" Contact: Andy Pattantyus, President, Strategic Modularity, Inc.

Knowing where you are helps define where to start. For the best possible outcomes, do your internal systems align; people, technologies, and enterprise software?  To find out, click here for your personal enterprise answer and review.

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Did you know that SYSPRO continues to receive awards for its ERP software?

SYSPRO was in the news which said they had recently received another award.

SYSPRO Wins Golden Bridge Award for Software Innovation: SYSPRO Honored in Global Competition for SYSPRO STARS FastTrack Implementation Methodology

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