ERP Software Search Extends Ease of Use

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ERP Software Search Capability Extends Ease of Use
New ERP Software Extended Search Capability adds to ease-of-use by enabling in-depth criterion to qualify your on-screen inquiries.

Searching for data was never easier and is now a part of ERP champion, SYSPRO.

Historically, when you want on-screen queries to give you the results YOU need, it was going to take you about 30 minutes to a couple of hours to write a database query. Perhaps using a spread sheet application or programming tools. Not today. We now have extended searching capability built into SYSPRO ERP dashboard. Queries are a necessary part of everyday life in business. Ad hoc information needs pop up almost every hour. If it is easy to access, we would use queries more frequently. This feature adds greatly to the ROI of ERP. Getting what you need when you need it most, simply and with ease.

Take a look at this search screen-shot and see a glimpse of the search engine build into SYSPRO. - This feature is due to release an April 2012 port.

Search Query Results Example:

Enter your search “phrase” and think like you want your results to be.

best erp software search 




Select your extended search options. Look deeper than the top layer.

best erp software search 









Filter results to include focused results. Now you have what you want, further defile results.

best erp software search 








View your filtered search end-results. Completed! Your results were just a few clicks away.

best erp software search 









SYSPRO”s philosophy has always been to develop a software product that is capable of being tailored to suit customer requirements, and in such a way that this is achievable in the hands of the end user.”
Phil Duff, Founder and CEO, SYSPRO

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Did you know that SYSPRO continues to receive awards for its ERP software?

SYSPRO was in the news which said they had recently received another award.

SYSPRO Wins Golden Bridge Award for Software Innovation: SYSPRO Honored in Global Competition for SYSPRO STARS FastTrack Implementation Methodology

If you are interested in learning more, you can take it for a test drive. Start with your free online demo. There is no risk, no obligation and no deposit required.

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