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erp software visionHappy New Year! Welcome to 2012, a year offering the best opportunity for growth possible since the early 80’s. Enterprise technologies and processes are merging into a new wave of productive synergy. We have been waiting almost 20 years to get all of these pieces to work together effectively and efficiently to bring value and benefit without compromising or degrading business results.

I am no ERP Software Visionary, but I see big things happening in 2012 for your company.

Frustrated as we have all been with emerging technologies and resulting infant systems, we have the opportunity, today, to make these fears a thing of the past. Investing in your future with strong systems places you ahead of the pack. Taking another look at what you are currently doing and using, gives light to the possibility of seamlessly integrating all facets of your operation.

Let’s take it from the top down. Visionaries want planning, with reliability, throughout the enterprise. With systems and technologies in disparate cycles of progression and regression, historically, it was not easy to choose successful paths. If you decided on an open enterprise architecture and wanted selective systems to integrate, you might be disappointed. Technologies and reliability were not seen as synonymous. You were not able, necessarily, to stay the course of your chosen systems because they all did not “click” together.

So, then, what is so good about today’s ERP Software compared to yesterday?

Today you can buy an ERP solution which integrates, seamlessly, with your other mission critical enterprise systems. Such as Customer Relationship Management, Warehouse Management Systems, Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Internet Commerce, data warehousing, backup and recovery and lean operation principles. Architecting a complete business answer under one umbrella was, historically, too costly and near impossible to achieve without an unlimited budget to back it up.

A single source of the truth is possible with enterprise systems like SYSPRO which has become the industry standard bearers.

As Elizabeth Barrett Browning almost put it, “Let me count ‘a few’ ways”

  1. One ERP system for the life of your business
  2. No software conversions - ever
  3. Platform for low cost integration
  4. Full Integration of all systems
  5. Business Intelligence for a Single Version of the Truth
  6. Modern standards-based technologies
  7. Off the shelf, out-of-the-box, complete enterprise functionality
  8. Modular scalability – what you need, when you need it
  9. Tailorable for personalization and Ease of use
  10. Quick, award winning, implementation methodology
  11. Multiple platforms
  12. Cloud and Premise options
  13. Reporting, Analytics and Executive Dashboards
  14. Mobility for 24X7 collaborative operations
  15. Lean and ERP integrated enterprise
  16. Fast turn ROI (return on investment)
  17. Longevity, reliability, trustworthiness
  18. Security, compliance, quality and regulatory conformance
  19. Metrics for KPI management and reporting
  20. Happy customers for 30+ years long term user community.

For more information about ERP features and benefits for your company, please contact us for your personal tour, on-site or in the cloud.

Did you know that SYSPRO continues to receive awards for its ERP software?

SYSPRO was in the news which said they had recently received another award.

SYSPRO Wins Golden Bridge Award for Software Innovation: SYSPRO Honored in Global Competition for SYSPRO STARS FastTrack Implementation Methodology




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