Big-Pharma Industries Wakeup Call for ERP Software

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erp big pharma wakeup callBig-Pharma Industries Wakeup Call
Past decades witnessed Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices sector profits soar despite other diminishing sectors across industry. Today industries must take a fast hard look at their operational efficiencies. Starting with process and procedure profiles, systems and technologies, accounting, business integration, utilization of systems and personnel from the ground up. If these costs are not shored up, it may spell an agonizing loss of business to new “upstarts” with a well defined strategic, advanced approach.

Link to the McKinsey Quarterly article for more details. (Requires registration)

With ERP software and other linked resources such as manufacturing, distribution, supply chain and marketing architected into a single "DNA" enterprise application, process and procedure are looked as synergistic enhancers. Big-Pharma and Medical Device companies require the promise of integrating all systems to provide a “snapshot”, reliably representing KPI analytics, for decision support.

pharma erp wakeup callWith ERP systems growing into “holistic solutions” expectations and expansion into more business modeling, testing and outcome-based scenarios has brought much reward. This reward is seen in ways such as capability to include global operations under a single platform. Mobile operators taping into system resources 24X7. The realization of advanced integration levels for operations, finance, distribution, manufacturing, sales and marketing, customer and vendor portals. All these disparate activities and systems now can be viewed and expected as “one” system representing “The Single Source of the Truth.”

Let’s take a step back and look at the promise made almost 15 years ago by industry moguls and software strategists. The word was “one day all systems will integrate under one umbrella”. Today, we see how far we have come and what it means to day to day business.

  1. ERP is growing in functionality daily expanding value add and function
  2. Business is getting lean and streamlining processes
  3. Customers are getting integrated into the supply chain
  4. Vendors are responding to higher volumes and better quality
  5. Supply Chain management is global and connected
  6. Demand and supply are dovetailing to form a tight managed materials and product chain
  7. Efficiencies are mandated upon all levels of business
  8. Lack of integration may cause a business to fail
  9. Competition has become a fever pitch creating rush to new paradigms
  10. Businesses scramble to correct the “ship’s” course

big-pharma wakeup call for erp

Considering all of the news and proliferation of demand and supply challenges, is it time to schedule a call to realign your enterprise?

  • What factors are causing you the most grief?
  • How have you responded in the past and what is necessary to catch up?
  • Is your business agile and streamlined or stiff and chaotic?
  • What will it take to correct the past quickly and prepare for your future?
  • How does it feel knowing you may be swallowed up without warning?

The wakeup call of “Big-Pharma” is a call to action for the rest of us. If we don’t get our ducks lined up, we may be scrambling, last minute, for what could have been done proactively.  We have gone global in supply and demand causing a rethink (paradigm change) about how we operate and what can be done to manage costs and grow profits. This creates either an opportunity and growth point or challenges of cost and proportions causing resources to be worn thin.

In the end, we must know our current position, what we have and do not, and what is takes to become agile and flexible to take what comes reliably depending on those enterprise systems to deliver on these promises.

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