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Media Tablets in the Enterprise

Should every organization be examining how and where media tablet devices fit and how best to deploy for maximum benefits? Industry experts, like Gartner in the article above, suggest we should begin exploring applications and viability for business pusposes.

Tablets are ultra-portable computing devices enhancing collaboration among Executives, warehouse and sales members. These devices, using a growing list of applications, connect employees and processes integrating ERP systems.  With enterprise applications and data structures able to support local and remote users, you are prepared to start testing.  A cross-section of the industrial landscape finds tablet device use is growing and gaining capability and power.  With business mobility is becoming a focal point for collaboration and cost, performance and reliability metrics.  Requiring speed and delivery of information, enterprises are looking for faster ways to collaborate.  Some points:

  • Data are growing at an alarming rate
  • Customers demanding faster responses
  • Inventories are being reduced
  • Managing cashflows
  • Delivering to demand
  • Speed to market and recognition
  • Getting what you paid for to pay you back (ROI)

Enterprise mobility, whether we talk about PCs, Laptops, smart-phones, or tablets, the investment experience is, generally, worthwhile.  Going mobile can make you faster, save money, create and capitalize on opportunities, give you more presence and make life easier.  These new devices are worth investigating in the true business sense.

  • What data will be accessed?
  • What will it take to connect the data-center and the devices?
  • What level of access s required: local, remote or both?
  • What does it take to benefit and exploit these capabilities?
  • Is your enterprise ready?

Some Pros, Cons and Uses:




  • Intuitive, easy to use
  • Instant-on – open and use
  • Tactile and convenient
  • Excellent video/web browsing
  • Low cost alternative to PCs
  • Low / no Training
  • Personal Interaction
  • Security concerns
  • Loss prevention
  • Not a PC/Laptop
  • Fragile for industrial use
  • Adoption and trust
  • Cost of data-plans
  • Business Application Shortage
  • ERP Software Extension
  • Board Books
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Warehouse Management
  • Sales force automation
  • Product Configurator
  • Customer Presentations


These devices aren't just “play-things” or “giant cell-phones” but real business tools to be used like other enterprise computing resources. Tablet devices come in a variety of types, styles, options, accessories and brands. You can benefit from instant delivery of information. What you need, where you need it and when you want it.  All in the convenience of a small handheld, lightweight computer with crystal clear graphics capable of connecting corporate resources and users. They are low cost and hold very good potential to be a piece of your overall IT solution.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablets:

lenovo media tablets










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