Trick-Or-Treat ERP Data Warehouse Backup!

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erp backup ultriumTrick-or-Treat!
Data lovers beware this Halloween season as storage vampires wreak havoc by sucking up the data you’re responsible for protecting. Wooden stakes and garlic will be no use here as these vampires feed on the data until none is left. Have you ever been a victim of a storage vampire’s bite?

When considering the best way to protect your data, don’t fall prey to the demons like our friends below:

On a dark and rainy night, an information storage website fell victim to the vampire when it bit holes in the company’s primary store of user data and it’s backup. The site was immediately taken offline while the team attempted to reconstruct its databases, but the vampires data munching was so extensive the company acknowledged that repairing the loss would take "days, not hours.” A tape storage tier of protection in a storage plan can help survive such an attack since the tapes would be offline and not accessible to a vampire’s bite.

Don’t find yourself stuck in a haunted house with storage vampires, ghosts and goblins eating away at your data. Learn to protect yourself from similar attacks by utilizing storage best practices in data protection that include:

Have Multiple Levels of Protection: At least three copies and one offsite and out of region to protect against a regional disaster. Recommended to use disk and tape.

Isolate One Copy: At least one copy offline for logical system isolation to avoid intentional or unintentional corruption that can occur with online storage. Recommended to use tape.

Protect Access to Data: At rest and in transit. Recommended to use encryption and WORM (LTO Ultrium generations 3, 4 and 5 support WORM; 4and 5 support tape hardware encryption).

The Ultrium format is the high-capacity, single-reel implementation of LTO Technology. It is ideally suited for backup, restore and archive applications and provides excellent performance and capacity in both stand-alone and automated environments.

The Ultrium format is the preferred format when capacity and high streaming data rates are the key storage consideration. With clear and straightforward technology roadmaps and industry support worldwide, the LTO Ultrium format benefits users by offering multiple sources of product and media, as well as compatibility between products from different vendors.

The newly-introduced Ultrium format generation 5 allows for up to 3TB capacity (assuming 2:1 compression) and also includes a new partitioning functionality, enabling capabilities that can enhance file control and space management, addressing the growing needs of marketplace segments such as Rich Media.

The Ultrium format is designed with an eight-generation roadmap that provides up to 32 TB per cartridge capacity (assuming a 2.5:1 compression) in Generation 8 with compressed transfer rate of up to 1180 MB per second (assuming a 2.5:1 compression).

Santa Clarita Consultants brings you comprehensive, cost-effective data protection and recovery solutions in all of these deployment options. Whether small or midsize, your businesses using Windows® platforms or large multi-platform enterprise, these solutions are designed for your business.

Learn more at or signup for our Enterprise4X4 on site assessment.





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