ERP Backup: Cloud, Appliance, Software or Hybrid?

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cloud computing backupERP Backup: Cloud, Appliance, Software or Hybrid?
How Do You Decide Which Backup Solution Is Best for You?
Business Case:
Emerging technologies such as cloud computing, analytics, social media, and mobility are transforming businesses, helping companies lower costs, increase production outputs, and improve business processes and operations.

Powerful backup and flexible options, including enhanced software, backup appliances, and cloud solutions offer flexibility and choice in managing backups.

Back up to the cloud:
You can leverage backup and recovery directly from the cloud with an online backup and recovery service. Like other SaaS applications, online backup is an alternative to an on-premise software and hardware applications. This approach allows replacing expensive upfront investments in backup hardware, software, and personnel with an affordable monthly or yearly subscription-based service.

Online backup is perfect for businesses with:

  • No local IT staff resources
  • Smaller data sets
  • Limited applications and databases on local servers
  • Remote offices

Backup appliances
A backup appliance is a purpose-built, all-in-one solution integrating storage hardware and powerful backup software, providing a uniform backup infrastructure for one or multiple offices. Because an appliance can be installed easily, it allows a company to implement a new backup environment quickly and eliminate traditional server and software maintenance tasks. This would be appealing if you require new storage hardware and simply don’t have the time or interest to integrate new hardware and software.

Consider a backup appliance if you:

  • Are planning on buying new storage hardware
  • Have limited IT staff of one or two people

Backup software:
Backup and recovery or data protection software is loaded and runs on a designated server to perform backup operations in the event data is lost. Today’s data protection software solutions are quite sophisticated and may be all a business needs, depending on their current infrastructure. If you generally prefer to customize and build your own backup systems and have server management skills, software may be the right choice for you.

Consider software if you:

  • Have a dedicated IT staff
  • Use software today

Hybrid backup solution:
You can perform local backups to a disk appliance, and send a second copy of the data to a secure off-site storage location, in the cloud or at a vendor’s data center. This ensures that the enterprise has instant restore from a local target, rather than having to wait for a quick ship of media or recovery online.

Questions when considering a hybrid solution

  1. Do you want to run my backup applications and storage in the cloud?
  2. Do you want to run my backups locally (appliance and software) and implement disaster recovery with cloud storage?
  3. Do you want to backup branch offices to the cloud and run my data center or central office with traditional backup software or an integrated appliance?


Today, all businesses can ensure quick recovery reliably from a system failure, data corruption, virus outbreaks, and more. Information can be lost at any time, making it imperative to ensure your data is always protected and recoverable. As backup and recovery challenges advance, our solution offerings respond with new approaches to data protection tailored to your needs. Robust backup and recovery for physical and virtual environments can be software, cloud service, appliance, or hybrid solutions consisting of two or more complimentary methods. You can leverage fast, simple and modern backup and recovery best suited to your needs.

Santa Clarita Consultants brings you comprehensive, cost-effective data protection and recovery solutions in all of these deployment options. Whether small or midsize, your businesses using Windows® platforms or large multi-platform enterprise, these solutions are designed for your business.

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