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Considering Upgrading to SYSPRO 7?

Why consider upgrading and what does it do for your company?  SYSPRO ERP, since Issue 008 was retired, has about 1,200 enhancements. What your current ERP version did for your business and what the latest version will do is the real difference. 


Case Study Research: Syspro 6.1 upgrade ignites Black Cat Fireworks

Black Cat Fireworks is reporting "a quantum leap forward" following a major upgrade to its ERP software, bringing it up to SYSPRO v6.1.

Matthew Broad, Black Cat's IT administrator, states that the company has been using various versions of SYSPRO, from K3, since 1991… he says: "It was high time to make the change, as our existing software was out of date. Clearly, we would benefit from accessing the new features within Syspro 6.1, such as easier integration and the ability to customize reports and create executive views ... about customer orders and stock status."

…he reports that the company can indeed do much more with SYSPRO 6.1 and says it was a good investment, having given the company a flexible and future-proof system that speeds up sales order processing, which was a key requirement for the upgrade.

And, Broad adds, that Black Cat suppliers, including its logistics partners, have also benefited from the upgrade…

This has been of particular benefit to the company's logistics partners who can simply import the order and delivery data into their transport planning systems to help with their scheduling.

Source: works management

Here is a summary of what you may be missing:

syspro supportSYSPRO 6.1 – 131 Enhancements

syspro supportSYSPRO 6.0 SP2 – 339 Enhancements

syspro supportSYSPRO 6.0 SP1 – 310 Enhancements

syspro supportSYSPRO Issue 009 – 347 Enhancements

These enhancements add additional business financial, technical, functional and operational, process and workflow benefits gained by pursuing your upgrades.  Since you are paying for these features and benefits to be available for your business, consideration to enhance your company may be in your best interest.

Consider the following information and notice a couple of things. First, SYSPRO does not orphan your company if you are on old versions, even though they may have retired your “current” version.  Support, and technical expertise on older versions may be waning, but you can stay there if you wish. Hopefully, we can impart some reasons to consider upgrading.


Original Release

Current Release Phase


Aug 2010

Mainstream (current product)

SYSPRO 6.0 Issue 010 SP2

Mar 2008

Extended (end of life extended)

SYSPRO 6.0 Issue 010 SP1

May 2007

Retired in Jan 2011

SYSPRO 6.0 Issue 010

Aug 2006

Retired in Jan 2011

SYSPRO 6.0 Issue 009

Nov 2004

Retired in Jan 2011

Examining the facts:

  • 1,200 enhancements have been added to what is already a sophisticated and competent enterprise software system.
  • Taking a serious look into the details of what else these systems can do to help your business in ways unknown unless you take the time.

SYSPRO 6.1 enhancements bring value and benefit to your company. Don't get left behind, call us today for help move your company forward.

Did you know that SYSPRO continues to receive awards for its ERP software?

SYSPRO was in the news which said they had recently received another award.  

SYSPRO Wins Golden Bridge Award for Software Innovation: SYSPRO Honored in Global Competition for SYSPRO STARS FastTrack Implementation Methodology

If you are interested in learning more, you can take it for a test drive.  

Sign up for you Free SYSPRO Demo-Discovery and learn why SYSPRO, for over 30 years, continually receives awards and helps companies maintain a competitive edge. 

There is no risk, no obligation and no deposit required for your trial.

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