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erp desktop gadgetsExecutive Dashboards are more than just pretty faces. They are the best presentation of your data, in "human" form, translating "machine" numbers into valuable decision support.

Business owners and managers continally look for an easy way to present information and transform and see visually demonstrating results. Outcome-based decisions are difficult, if not impossible to be available without clarity and simplicity. Coalescing relevant and meaningful data into a chart or a graph allows ease-of-use on a new scale.

If your data are locked up in data tables and cannot be paired with other relavant information t is like living on an island, the only way you see what s gpoing on is if you take a slow boat.

ERP Executive Desktop Gadgets on Windows 7

Desktop Gadgets, a Windows 7 utility, enables you to selectively add SYSPRO Executive Dashboards onto your desktop as gadgets.

Gadgets are mini-programs offering information at a glance providing easy access to frequently used tools and data. Gadgets can be configured to report on different SYSPRO companies. Secure remote access to SYSPRO data is provided through the SYSPRO Windows Communications Foundation (WCF) Service. WCF is installed as part of SYSPRO 6.1 core.

Activate Windows 7 Sidebar

Hers is how you can run the Windows Sidebar executable which enables you to display gadgets on your desktop.

You would typically follow this procedure on a 64-bit machine as the Windows Sidebar executable does not start up automatically for these machines.

  • Open Windows Explorer.
  • Locate the sidebar executable Program Files (x86) > Windows Sidebar > sidebar.exe
  • Double-click the sidebar.exe file.
  • A 32-bit version of the sidebar executable is started in the background.

Installing SYSPRO Desktop Gadgets

The following steps describe how to install the SYSPRO Desktop Gadgets.

  • Ensure that you have installed the SYSPRO WCF Service on the SYSPRO application server.
  • Ensure that you have a valid SYSPRO Executive Dashboard license.
  • Ensure that Adobe Flash Player is installed on the client.
  • If you are running on a 64-bit machine, then ensure that you have activated the Windows Sidebar executable manually. For 32-bit machines this is activated automatically.
  • Open Windows Explorer.
  • Locate the SYSPRO Desktop Gadgets installation file Base > ManagedAssemblies > SYSPROEXEC_GADGET.GADGET.
    • Install SYSPRO Desktop Gadgets.
    • Double-click the SYSPROEXEC_GADGET.GADGET file.
    • Select Install.

A SYSPRO Gadget window should appear on the desktop.

Adding a SYSPRO Gadget to the desktop:

The following steps describe how to add a SYSPRO Executive Dashboard Gadget to the desktop.

Open the SYSPRO Executive Dashboard Gadgets program.

Right-click on the desktop.

Select Gadgets from the shortcut menu.

  • Double-click the SYSPRO Executive Dashboard Gadget.
  • Add a new executive dashboard gadget to the desktop.
  • Select the Options icon for the SYSPRO Desktop Gadget.
  • The SYSPRO Executive Dashboard Gadgets window is displayed.
  • Enter the Windows Communication Foundation Services address at the SYSPRO WCF Services Address field.
  • Enter the operator code at the OperatorCode field.
  • Enter the operator password at the Password field.
  • Enter the company name at the Company field
  • Enter the company password at the Company Password field.
  • Select the required executive dashboard from the drop-down menu at the Dashboard Name field.
  • Select the Refresh Available Dashboards icon at the Dashboard Name field to update the drop-down menu with a list of available executive dashboards.
  • Indicate how often you want to refresh the data for the SYSPRO Desktop Gadget, at the Refresh Interval (minutes) field.
  • Specify the color you want to assign to the dashboard heading.
  • Select OK.

windows gadtets erp dashboard

The Executive Dashboard should be displayed on the desktop.

For more information on SYSPRO 6.1 features and benefits, please contact us for your personal tour, on-site or in the cloud.

Did you know that SYSPRO continues to receive awards for its ERP software?

SYSPRO was in the news which said they had recently received another award.

SYSPRO Wins Golden Bridge Award for Software Innovation: SYSPRO Honored in Global Competition for SYSPRO STARS FastTrack Implementation Methodology


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