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budget maestro for syspro

Is it time your organization moved beyond spreadsheets and formulas. Budget Maestro budgeting and planning software products let you concentrate on the structure and performance of your business, not on troubleshooting spreadsheets one cell at a time.

Budget Maestro® for SYSPRO provides a complete application that streamlines the budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting process and offers rock-solid financial analysis enabling organizations to make better decisions for tomorrow with more accuracy.

Link Maestro™ for SYSPRO provides direct connectivity to SYSPRO data facilitating an automatic exchange of financial information from SYSPRO into Budget Maestro.

Matching Budget Maestro to your business:

  • Use your existing SYSPRO account structure to model your business enabling accurate actual vs. plan analysis
  • Data import of accounts and balances for actual vs.
    budget analysis
  • Budget at the right level of detail whether that be
    very granular or summary consolidated levels
  • Option for activity-based budgeting “below the G/L”
    for example: detailed payroll planning by personnel
    or position
  • Ability to globally define payroll tax rates, fringe
    benefits and other salary related expenses
  • Built-in depreciation schedules for forecasting depreciation
    on planned capital acquisitions


The financial health of your operation is too important to rely on error-prone spreadsheets and formulas.

For decades the standard software for budget planning was a basic spreadsheet stuffed full of homemade formulas, macros and links. Lacking the flexibility, security and collaboration essential in effective budget planning, spreadsheets drain resources and deliver incomplete, error-prone results.

  • Intuitive formula-free interface
  • Easily used by non-financial managers
  • Sound, accurate, calculations and GAAP-compliant reports
  • Built-in business and financial intelligence
  • Integrated Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash flow reporting
  • Automatic consolidations without spreadsheets and macros
  • As easy to install as a Microsoft Office application
  • No need for costly programming

If you would like to learn more about Budget Maestro® for SYSPRO, download the free fact sheet now.



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