ERP and Lean Initiative Testimonies

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lean initiatives erp Today's ERP and Lean Initiative Testimonials
Monitoring and tracking many internet activities relative to business, manufacturing, lean and beneficial technologies helps us stay up to date.  In business, change is what we must do just to keep up with the pace.  We should change "business" to “CHANGENESS” because it never stops.  Just when you thought you had your ducks lined up, the game switches and you need a new tool set. 

With ERP and lean process management, flexibility and scalability are primary factors.  When you need new functionality do you wait for programmers or reconfigure your system and realign operations?

In a previous blog we explored the integration of Lean and ERP Aligning for Success. In that discussion we pointed out a few cases which Lean and ERP not only are ready partners in enterprise management, but without clarity your ERP and Lean may not work for an organization.

Google Alerts results for Lean Operations, the following testimonials showed excellence in Lean Initiatives adding value.  Reading only the headlines, a few things become clear.

  1. Diversity of business models and sectors implement Lean Initiatives
  2. Even the government and politicians think Lean Initiatives are worth pursuing.
  3. Payback, business strategy, and profits are just some of the benefits.
  4. Lean involves a top-down remapping based on a strategized outcome, creating flexibility while supporting sustainability.

Survey: Lean Industrial Market Intelligence Teams Could Focus More on SCM and ... (press release)
With their focus on lean manufacturing practices, international industrial companies tend to have lean and efficient market intelligence functions. Smaller teams for market intelligence are likely to be related to the shake-out of middle management in ...
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Can Lean Six Sigma Really Save the Government $500 Billion Dollars a Year?
Sacramento Bee
Gingrich is just one of the latest politicians to sign up to campaign group Strong America Now's pledge to get politicians to use Lean Six Sigma to improve government operations. In this special edition of Process Perspectives, listen to a recording of ...
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Ridley Inc. Reports Financial Results for Fiscal 2012 First Quarter
MarketWatch (press release)
Administration expenses were higher by $0.6 million in the period due to exceptional items such as the reallocation of certain managerial salaries from manufacturing overhead and consulting fees related to implementation of lean manufacturing ...
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Discrete Manufacturers Focus on Labor to Become High Performance Operations
Supply Chain Digest
In industries ranging from automotive to high tech to apparel, the desire to be a highly productive, lean organization is second nature to the manufacturing community. Yet, while manufacturers are willing to invest billions of dollars in technology ...
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TriMas Corporation Reports Record Third Quarter Results
MarketWatch (press release)
The Company continued to generate significant savings from productivity and lean initiatives which funded investment in growth initiatives and offset economic cost increases. Third quarter 2011 income from continuing operations was $17.0 million, ...
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Standex Reports Double-Digit Sales and Profitability Growth in First Quarter ...
MarketWatch (press release)
... the successful expansion and automation of manufacturing capabilities and diversification efforts in emerging markets, the ability to continue to achieve cost savings through lean manufacturing, cost reduction activities, and low cost sourcing, ...
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What if your company was to embark on a Lean Initiatives Project? What would you gain? What is your investment? What is the return on your investment?

Santa Clarita Consultants supports Lean Initiatives with professional training and consulting services since 1987.

Contact us for your Lean consultation to start your company on the road to Lean.

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