Warehouse Management Function-by-Function

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Extend the power of SYSPRO to your warehouse floor. Data entry is as easy as scan-ning a barcode. Automate inventory physical counts, purchase order receiving, job issues, inventory movements, sales order picking, and much more with riteSCAN Mobile Warehouse for SYSPRO™.

Advanced features of riteSCAN virtually eliminate data entry errors such as shipping the wrong product or collecting erroneous stock take counts. Error correction can be completed right from the warehouse floor through Quantity Adjustments.

ritescan erp warehouse management

riteSCAN Function-by-Function
Inventory Query


View real-time inventory data right from the handheld screen by simply scanning in a stock code. Inventory Query displays warehouse and bin quantity on hand, allocated, available and much more.
Warehouse Transfer
warehouse transfer
Update SYSPRO with inventory movements as they happen. Simply scan in the stock code, source and destination warehouses and enter a quantity and SYSPRO is updated immediately.


Bin Transfer
Bin Transfer
Like Warehouse Transfer, updating inventory movements between bins is as simple as scanning the barcode and entering the quantity.
Stock Take
Stock Take
If you dread taking inventory, or avoid it all together, the Stock Take function is your answer. Conducting an automated stock take is fast, accurate, and easy.
Quantity Adjustment
Quantity Adjustment
Adjust the on-hand quantity right from the warehouse floor with riteSCAN. Simply scan the stock code barcode and enter the adjustment quantity. Full traceability is covered with notation and entry fields captured by riteSCAN.
Expense Issue
Expense Issues
Now you can record the issue of stock items from inventory for miscellaneous purposes in real-time. The quantity entered in riteSCAN Expense Issues is immediately subtracted from the quantity on hand.
Miscellaneous Receipt
Misc Receipt
Receive inventory anytime, anywhere without a PO. Scan the stock code and warehouse and post the new quantity immediately into inventory.
Sales Order Picking
Sales Order Picking
Automate sales order picking by scanning the sales order number to retrieve all S/O lines. The stock code and quantity are validated against the sales order ensuring accuracy and avoiding costly shipping mistakes. Simply check a box and the order status is automatically changed to "Ready to Invoice." 
Purchase Order Receipt
Scan the purchase order number to retrieve all P/O lines. Receive all lines or receive individual lines with the option to change quantity received. Items are validated against purchase order to ensure accuracy and avoid costly mistakes. The purchase order is updated immediately with quantity received & inventory on hand.
Goods in Transit IN
Goods in Transit IN
Receive a Goods in Transit order at the destination warehouse. Scan the GIT Reference # and scan or select the stock code to be received. Post the quantity immediately into inventory in the receiving warehouse.
Goods in Transit OUT
Goods in Transit OUT
Create Goods in Transit transfer orders from the warehouse floor. Scan the origin and destination warehouses and the stock code and quantity. Additional items with the same originating and receiving warehouse will be added to a GIT transfer.


Job Receipt
Job Receipt
Receive finished goods into inventory from jobs by scanning the job number. Review job details easily before completing a partial or complete receipt of the job. Capture manufactured quantity, serial number, bin location, lot number, concession number, and more at the point of job completion.
Job Issue
Job Issue
Issue raw materials or components to jobs in real time. Scan the job number to retrieve a list of allocations. Scan the stock code and the quantity issued as you pick items. As components are issued, the inventory quantity on hand is automatically reduced and the WIP value for the job is increased. Substitutions are made easy by adding or deleting allocations "on-the-fly" with riteSCAN.
Backflushing enables you, in one process, to issue materials from inventory, apply standard labor costs, and receive the finished goods back into stock in real-time and right from the handheld. 
Kit Issue
riteSCAN performs Kit Issues.
Issue materials, as kits, partial or full, just like in SYSPRO.

Santa Clarita Consultants is a riteSCAN and SYSPRO Partner, your EnterprseWise support specialists since 1987. We look forward to helping you move your enterprise to the next level.

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