ERP APICS PDM With Joel Barker: A Short Look at the Long View

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apics erp"New Technologies: A Short Look at the Long View"
Presented by, Joel Barker, World Renowned Author and Futurist.
Joel Barker collects his readings and research into a forty minute fly-over of the next twenty years to identify new technologies and new ways of solving some of our most troublesome problems. He will then finish his presentation with a twenty minute overview of a tool he has developed for uncovering long term implications, especially Black Swans. His basic theme will be: solutions are available/we must understand the long term consequences of our choices!

Joel Barker was the first person to popularize the concept of paradigm shifts for the corporate world. Paradigms can explain revolutionary change in all areas of human endeavor. We are all living in a world of accelerating technological change. If you are interested in surviving and thriving in these turbulent times, you should attend this presentation. Learn to stay relevant in your job and in your life.

Who Should Attend: Anyone who is concerned about improving the effectiveness of individuals and organizations will gain from this presentation. In particular, members of management, individual contributors, suppliers, and customers who are providing leadership in resource management activities should find this presentation valuable.

About our Speaker:
Joel A. Barker is one of the best-known futurists in the world. His videos on the future have been translated into 20 languages and have been seen by more than 100 million people. His book on paradigms is a standard text in more than 100 universities and has been translated into 20 languages, the most recent, Russian.

He popularized the concept of paradigm shifts and started the corporate discussion of the importance of vision in with his video, “The Power of Vision.” Industry Week Magazine has referred to his videos as one of the most influential series of programs in the business world.

His last book, Five Regions of the Future, co-authored with Dr. Scott Erickson, came out in 2005. It is about how technology is beginning to cluster in technological ecosystems and what that means to our future.

His most recent focus is on “innovation at the verge”—a new place for finding the big ideas for the 21st century. He is coupling that work with new tools for identifying the long-term implications of change.

Formerly Director of the Futures Studies Department of the Science Museum of Minnesota from 1975 to 1978, he has since spoken to more than one million people in North America, Europe, Asia and South America and Australia.

He has received numerous awards including two honorary doctorates. In 2008, he was identified as one of the top 100 thought leaders in personal leadership and organizational Leadership by Executive Excellence Publications.

The Odyssey Restaurant (map)
15600 Odyssey Drive
Granada Hills, California
Thursday November 17, 2011 – 5:30-9:00 pm

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ERP and related technologies are on the forefront of business process management and results oriented enterprises. Attend this professional development meeting and learn how you too can achieve and sustain better business and growth in your organizaton.



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