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the best erp software for businessAutomation of ERP Applications and Routine Tasks provides seamless execution of scheduled activities; such as month-end and reporting tasks. Key to automation is a facility to configure editable forms and storing form values – this feature reduces user interaction when executing applications which prompt for selection criteria.

For example: If multiple people in your organization run the sales order Backorder Release application (each with their own selections for branch, warehouse and geographic area); their individual selections can be saved for the next time they run the application.

Furthermore, using this form functionality in conjunction with the SYSPRO 6.1 Task Manager, you can schedule a group of tasks (such as your month end processes) with pre-defined selections, and run them unattended. You can also define automatic actions to be taken in the event of errors and whether log files and reports are to be sent as email or printed to file or a printer.

The facility to automate ERP applications reduces the need for third party applications (e.g. Automate) to run scheduled tasks.

Some examples:

  • Create using "Automation Design Program Options" > "Automation Design" you define the programs and automation entries you want to automate.
  • Schedule using SYSPRO's Tasks program you add tasks to run these programs automatically, using the automation entries you have defined.
  • Program using "IMPAUT.exe" program, these pre-defined tasks execute automatically.
  • Or using Windows Scheduled Tasks to schedule the execution of these batch text/text files.
  • These tasks can be limited per company or available system-wide.

Once processing is complete, you can:

  • Print the contents automatically to your default printer.
  • Email the report to one or more email recipients (use the semi-colon to separator email-contacts)
  • Close the program automatically.

When the Automation Design program is running, all the programs available for automation are displayed.

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