ERP Software Industry Rant

Posted by Gerry Poe

A problem with the ERP software industry is that many are selling a package representing fast, easy and low entry fees via the Internet.  The advertisers on other media push, hype and skew the possibilities which may or may not be achievable with the goal "Get the call".  In the end, quality will win but at what price to consumers and the industries which invested heavily into a hyped up ERP solutions? 

erp rant vs nash

This is not too different from the old Nash Rambler – it was poorly built, consisting of all other manufacturers scrap and antique parts.  I know because I owned one which had Ford brakes on the front and International brakes on the rear. 

The consumer did not know, until they had to “repair it”.  Then came the frightening reality it was just a bunch of junkyard parts packaged in a pretty package (well in Nash’s instance, not so pretty.)

So, in a discussion about ERP software choices, does 'longevity' put an ERP company on top of the heap?  Does the best presentation and ERP company make the top contender?  Does customer retention?  Does professionalism and steadfast dedication to technology enhancements?

None of the above, I think.  Because today’ business is so “now” oriented, if it is not available immediately (buy, install, use, and get the benefits) w/o training, thinking, strategizing, and most of all “the work”, it is unworthy of consideration.  

TOO often I hear ERP is too complicated, (Refer to ERP Disease) "Our team will never be able to learn it all, we only have junior, or uneducated staff, systems like this are only for the “big boys”. 

"If ERP software is meant to make things easier, why does it take so long and cost so much?"

With the intent to make things easy and remain “cheap” many alternate systems are “built” (spreadsheets and databases) to "simplify" business operations and processes.   Leaving isolated, non-integrated systems for the company to “operate and run”. (Remember the Nash?)

More is needed in the area of good rationale and great “common sense” – the more does not make the merrier.  Look at the – dead and loving it. There are many ERP software companies bought and sold which have come and gone.

Many will come, even fewer will last, even less will be effective or add the true value they advertised.

Have you recently learned that your ERP system is a Nash with disparate parts gathered together? 

Does the financial debacle force you to gain more control of your business management processes to create profit?

If your business growing, shrinking or expanding, or forced oversees?

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