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ERP software is evolving and the video you are about to watch proves again the world is in transition.  Anyone around the globe can now listen in on a meeting where success stories are shared.  Such is the case here.  This story and testimonial originates from a director of IT who is responsible for creating success,  who relies on and uses the product vs. a slick ad or sales person.

Even after 24 years of working with SYSPRO and implementing ERP software systems, this video reminded me of the importance of our work at Santa Clarita Consultants.  As you watch the video, please remember that at any time you can pick up the phone to contact us.  Assisting small and medium sized businesses take control of their management processes to become more efficient and improve profits is a passion.

SYSPRO Customer Phyllis Durmire of Von Drehle Corporation shares her company's sucesses with SYSPRO software at the recent Grape Escape Analyst Event this past June 2011.

Would you prefer to see the software she is talking about in action?  Every Wednesday we offer a webinar: ERP 101 in the Cloud featuring SYSPRO.

For about 45 minutes, you can watch as SYSPRO software is used in the cloud and see an overview of what Phyllis refers to in her story.  This is a live webinar which gives you opportunity to get questions about ERP answered.

if you are interested in learning more, sign up for the next webinar:

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