Taming the ERP Cloud or Taming the ERP Shrew?

Posted by Gerry Poe

taming of the erp cloudThe problem: Taming the ERP cloud or taming the ERP shrew?
In recent articles cloud computing risks and returns (ROI), may not be as robust as anticipation has led us to believe. Is enterprise resource cost savings effective and worth enterprise investments in cloud computing?

Let's take an ERP cloud solution can be the best choice for your organization for the long term. Cloud computing is saving costs daily by eliminating or seriously reducing IT and infrastructure investment and maintenance. While cloud services are coming down to earth, you still need to be well grounded in available choices.

Taking into consideration the length of time training and implementation are going to take, mandatorily, with or without cloud deployment, the real true, savings is in server-base-infrastructure.  How then do we calculate cost-savings and thus the justification for cloud-based over on-premise systems?

Here are a few things to think about:

  • Should it take more time evaluating cloud solutions than on-premise?
  • What is your disaster recovery plan for on-premise versus cloud?
  • How many points of failure are reduced, increased or changed in cloud versus premise?
  • Does your local premise-based tape/storage backup systems work the same if you are using cloud services?

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