Spreadsheets or ERP – Anarchy or Brilliance?

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Spreadsheets or ERP Software – Anarchy or Brilliance - You decide. 

If you don’t know what’s good for your company, it’s ERP. 

Knowing and using ERP are two different things. Management purchases ERP software to represent a single source of the truth, our job is to help execute the promise.

ERP is organizational culture, which when correctly implemented, makes the difference between silos and islands and unspoiled enterprise-wide flexibility, strength and survivability.

My opinion: It doesn't matter what personalized-tools a user wants to utilize; the data in use must be integrated, live and real-time, with your ERP system. Otherwise you are creating islands and silos persisting in disparate information. Better yet, change your ERP to one which allows full access and creative exploitation by tailoring to the user’s best performance with the best business practices and outcomes.

One conversation after another with customers and prospects tells us companies are working overtime to eliminate isolationism, protectionism and separate databases with information silos. The cost-burden of doing business 'everyone’s-way' instead of the company-ERP-way, results in misinformation. Leaving inadequate decision support and siloed system.

Your options offer you the freedom to choose the best modular system tailorable to your model of doing business. Enterprise software is the backbone of your enterprise. Business technologies have matured and grown to solve and manage business, uncomplicating the chaos. This scope and engagement of virtually all aspects of enterprise operations has grown to consolidate previously disparate systems and processes delivering enterprise 'seamlessness' (is that a word?).

Vision and training are primary keys to successful enterprise systems execution.  If you don't k now where you are going, what you've got to work with, you won't know what to do to solve forward.

"A man cannot leave a better legacy to the world than a well-educated family."  -- Thomas Scott

I would take it to another level - "...and a well educated enterprise"

Without a clear vision of your future, coupled with in-depth training, the tools and systems required to achieve your goals are not known or fully realized.  Technology-anarchy in the enterprise cannot be acceptable. When enterprise software is properly selected, trained, implemented and supported, you feel “right at home”. Making your businessall technologies simply brilliant, on premise or cloud-based, with your dream ERP system is our goal.

Necessary & Critical Enterprise System Questions:

  • Is your ERP software solving today’s needs?
  • Do you have Enterprise Class Systems throughout?
  • Do all systems fully integrate to form a 'single solution'?
  • Does your ERP Support the single version of enterprise truth?
  • Does your ERP Support scalability, growth & shrink?
  • Is your ERP supported by a platform for low-cost integration?
  • Does your EPR provide your enterprise no ERP conversions, ever?
  • Is your EPR the one system for the life of your business?

We have such a system for your enterprise, SYSPRO ERP, and we invite you to come check it out and invite your friends for a demo and personal discussion. 

For more information about selecting your enterprise accounting and business management system please check cliek below:

 Download White Paper: Questions to Ask  Before Buying ERP Software >

Your comments and suggestions about how we can do a better job simplifying and optimizing your enterprise are always welcome and appreciated.

More resources:

These questions are but a few in the Complete Enterprise (ERP) Self Assessment which includes over 300 questions. You can download the complete ERP self assessment here.

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