Business Process Management (BPM)

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business process managementBusiness Perspective: Increasing organizational complexity necessitates the employment of tools to manage the design and communication of business processes, as well as the administration of the systems used to execute these processes.

Role Management capability helps streamline complex system administration tasks by providing centralized management of the design of security, eSignature-authentication (electronic signatures) and the user interface, for companies, groups and operators.  It also simplifies the assignment of the appropriate settings where staff change or perform multiple roles and enables the definition of an on-line organogram to provide users with a visual overview of your company’s role structure.

A built-in workflow engine enables you to streamline end-to-end business process activities within SYSPRO, as well as to create efficient interactions between SYSPRO and external touch points. Built on the Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation, SYSPRO Worlfkow Services aka: SWS (a set of serve-based processes for handling worlflow trigger and event management) enables you to apply rules-based control over business processes, thereby promoting process cohesion, as well as collaboration among process role-players.

SYSPRO Enterprise Analysis and Modeling (SEAM) is a powerful on­line toolset that enables the alignment of the SYSPRO ERP system with your organizational realities, from the highest strategic levels through to the step-by-step procedures and detail configurations. Besides reducing the time to delivery by ensuring seamless handover at different stages of a SYSPRO implementation, SEAM provides a smooth system transition when roles or processes change as a result of normal business evolution.

The SEAM framework includes a set of baseline business processes and role definitions that serve to guide the on-line modeling, development, definition and publication of the blueprints of your business processes, structures and KPIs, along with how these will be implemented in SYSPRO and why. The on­line repository provides Single Source of Truth (SSOT) ensuring a common understanding among the stakeholders, of the organizational goals, roles, activities and dependencies.

SYSPRO has always included an element of Business Process Management through its Office Automation and Electronic Signature tools. These tools enable you to pre-define conditional events that trap data and system exceptions and trigger an appropriate action in support of a customer's business rules and processes.

Up Next: In SYSPRO 6.1, Business Process Management is elevated to a new level with the introduction of SYSPRO Workflow Services, SYSPRO Process Modeling and SYSPRO Implementation Methodology.


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