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SYSPRO Analytics Business Perspective: When business decisions need to be made, they must be based on facts, not conjecture or hope.  When business systems are fully integrated and information is deliverable in real-time, data integrity, value and reliability is assured.

SYSPRO analytics

SYSPRO Analytics provides a multidimensional view of predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPI) covering all aspects of the business. Transactional data is extracted and populated into SYSPRO Analytics data warehouses, from which Analytics cubes can be created. Although SYSPRO Analytics has its own viewer, any front-end tool, such as Excel, can be used to access Analytics data, or an Analytics session can be set up within any SYSPRO application.

Predefined cubes are provided based on standard KPI's (key performance indicators) covering all aspects of the business.  Streamlined processes enable you to extract standard SYSPRO ERP data into Analytics data warehouses from which Analytics cubes can be created, enabling access to Analytics information from any frontend tool.

The primary objectives of SYSPRO Analytics for SYSPRO 6.1 are to:

  • Simplify the administration of the SYSPRO Analytics system;
  • Provide more stability, ease of customization and a logical database structure;
  • Change the user interface to be in line with the evolution of SYSPRO's look-and-feel;
  • Facilitate various alternate viewing options;
  • Provide access to most SYSPRO tables; and
  • Provide access to an Analytics session from within a Customized SYSPRO Pane.

OLAP CubesThis will be achieved through:

  • Implementing changes to the new Analytics database;
  • Redesigning OLAP backend and SYSPRO cubes;
  • Updating the User interface;
  • Redesigning the information API to make it open, thus providing access to any SYSPRO OLAP Cube via any OLAP Front end Viewer (such as Excel) not only the SYSPRO Analytics Viewer;
  • Streamlining the ETL processes to improve data Integration;
  • Changing the setup group of programs to cater for the back­end changes; and
  • Changing the order and location of the various setup and administration functions to be more logical.

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Up Next: Business Process Management (BPM).

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