The Best ERP Software for Wholesale Distribution

Posted by Gerry Poe

When it comes to wholesale distribution systems, supply chain management, cost management, warehouse management, SYSPRO ERP is king.   

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For over 30 years SYSPRO has become the quintessential management tool for wholesale distribution.  Before you embark on your startup, expansion, refinement decisions, come check out our 21-Day Free SYSPRO Trial with demo data.

Let's get a few inventory management points up on the table and briefly say why each is important to Wholesale Distribution.

Barcoding and labels:

Stock is by its nature in need of ease of management.  Barcoding enables many systems to interact with relative ease allowing inventory accuracies to increase. For example, handheld computers, mobilizing devices, puts any warehouse operator in command of the warehouse without being tied to the computer desk.

Barcode Label enable warehouse employees, and customers to get the label their way.  Such as warehouse, bin, UPC codes, product codes, serial and lot numbers can all be printed on high speed label printers.

Stock-Takes and Cycle Counting (doing inventory control):

  • Enables ease of managing inventory accuracy,
  • Finding and correcting stock errors without stopping company operations,
  • Gives you a "snapshot" of items and quantities for a "moment in time", then adjusts, including all system-activities, stock levels at stock-take confirmation,
  • Reduces outages and helps prevent "walking inventory"

Multiple warehouses and bins:

  • Multiple Warehouses are either physical or conceptual
  • Multiple bins give you control over what lies on a row/shelf/bin

Inventory Forecasting:

Inventory Forecasting gives you the ability to manage stock levels, purchasing, seasonality, geographical, demographics, and trending up/down, based on formulas designed by and for your business.

Inventory Families and Groupings:

Inventory Families and Groupings is yet another way for SYSPRO to help manage your inventory.  By letting you arrange products into "families and groupings" which are not their usual style, allows you the option to collect this seemingly disparate information together for the purpose of buy cycles, commoditizing, and price management, to name just a few.

Inventory Optimization:

Inventory Optimization is your best friend when inventory demands too much time. This functional area of SYSPRO gives you the opportunity to optimize your warehouses, locations, stock levels, buy cycles, and inventory turns by using algorithms optimally designed to allow dynamic adjustments to otherwise laborious and error-prone processes.

These SYSPRO ERP systems are available off-the-shelf.  This is the way we think your ERP systems should be; Plug-and-Play the SYSPRO ERP way.

  • Helping distributors and manufacturers build their systems and refine outcomes for best results and practices, since 1987.
  • Help you learn to set the bar for expectations, what is best for your business and how your business should benefit

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