Live Event: Manufacturing and Distribution Enterprise Software Suites

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Live Event: Enterprise Software Suites for Manufacturing and Distribution

What you will learn:
  • The IOT of enterprise systems
  • How do reporting and analytics play an active business role?
  • How mobile is changing the ability to control and manage processes on the run.
  • What does a fully integrated enterprise in-the-cloud mean?
  • How does the internet play a role in the enterprise today?
  • What enterprise tools are available in-the-cloud today?
  • Learn how to create a synergy between cloud and premise deployments.

Attendees can expect:

Learn how a new paradigm which offers business' to manage their business with powerful software on-the-go via mobile devices.

Software systems planned: ERP, WMS, MOM, CRM, Warehousing, Accounting, Distribution, and business process automation.


Top reasons to attend:

Executives and business owners require better control of sales, production, distribution, accounting, inventory, and the warehouse.

Executives and business owners, no longer satisfied with waiting for data or who have different versions of the truth.

The speaker will present live demonstration enterprise software with opportunity for questions and discussions.

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