How to Have Market Growth by 300% with ERP Software

Posted by Gerry Poe

In the news today was an article which once again highlights the benefits of having the best ERP software with the right support. In the newswire today you will find:

SYSPRO ERP Helps Leading Med Equipment Maker Grow in New Markets by 300% Keeping Same Headcount, Bodypoint Leans Operations, Experiences 300% New Market Growth, Increases Revenues by 20% with SYSPRO ERP Software

According to Mike Conklin, the Technical Process Manager at Bodypoint:

  • "The [SYSPRO ERP] system allows us to be much leaner and much more flexible.
  • We can deliver product in a way the customer wants it.
  • We can offer complex pricing and discounting methods.
  • We can resolve compliance issues using ECC [SYSPRO Engineering Change Control].
  • We have deeper integration and visibility with our processes.
  • Integrated accounting has reduced errors and increased capacity.
  • Our reporting has greatly improved, and our shipping is more accurate, adding customer value with shipping notifications through the SYSPRO integrated shipping solution."

Mike Conklin goes on to say:

"Most all our business processes have become automated with improvements in deliverables. We now have historical sales data for sales analysis and can build custom reports and metrics through SYSPRO reporting services. International markets require complex product instructions in multiple languages by unique product. SYSPRO allows us to print product instructions for packaging on demand by product and country."

With such a testimonial to both Bodypoint and SYSPRO, it is difficult to say much more.  Read the full article here.

Is it possible that the real barrier to success for many companies might be a lack of the latest technology and the best ERP software? 

Turning business around and helping companies take total control of their management processes is exactly what we have done for over two decades. 

If the benefits of SYSPRO ERP software Mike Conklin from Bodypoint refers to is of interest to you, contact us today to set up a demo.  There is no obligation.  You can learn first hand about how to turn business around and grow market share.  

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