SYSPRO 6.1 Cashflow Forecasting

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syspro cashflow forecasting erpBusiness Perspective:  SYSPRO Cashflow Forecasting enables multiple on-line cash flow models with accurate real-time cashflow requirements projections from a variety of inflow and outflow data.

With Cashflow Forecasting you can accurately estimate the schedule and amounts of cash inflows and outflows over a specific period of time.  A cashflow forecast shows if you need to borrow, how much, by when, and how it will be repaid.

The Cashflow Forecasting model enables managers to view their company's projected cash position into the future by applying outstanding payables (cash requirements), receivables (payment projections) and other cash projections to the current bank balances. The information is presented in graphs and listviews in customizable panes.

Using the Cashflow Model program you define the cashflow models required for your company, as well as for viewing the cashflow forecast results.

Using data from the following sources:

  • Cash Book permanent entries
  • Accounts Payable cash requirements
  • Accounts Receivable payment projections
  • General Ledger movements

Future inclusions:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order Requisitions
  • Forecasted Sales
  • Material Requirements

syspro cashflow forecasting

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