SYSPRO 6.1 Executive Dashboards

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syspro executive dashboards

SYSPRO Executive Dashboards enables interactive access to  visual representations of real-time data. Additionally providing executives with measurement, monitoring and what-if analysis tools to leverage strategic advantage of their ERP investment.

The Benefits of Executive Dashboards

  • Access to real-time data in your ERP system without the need to incur the large investment of time, hardware and licensing typically associated with business intelligence solutions.
  • Provision of a number of predefined dashboards to enable an immediate view on business processes.
  • The flexibility to enhance the dashboards or even build custom applications.
  • Seamlessly integrated into the SYSPRO ERP solution.

Executive Dashboard Features

  • A fusion of the capabilities of SYSPRO executive views and business objects combined with Crystal Dashboard Designer to provide visually appealing views of SYSPRO data.
  • Personalized views through simple select-and-drop
  • What-if views of information
  • Visible through gadgets on a desk top

Integration with SYSPRO

  • Executive Dashboards seamlessly integrate with most SYSPRO modules
  • Non SYSPRO data can be included for a complete view of your business

SYSPRO Executive Dashboards provide a number of predefined dashboards that enable executives to gain an immediate view of their business through a simple select-and-drop mechanism. SYSPRO recognizes that every executive has unique information requirements and therefore additional dashboards can be created through the use of Crystal Dashboard Designer. (Crystal Dashboard Designer is a product which delivers next-generation visual analysis tools that let users of different skill levels in small, mid-size, and enterprise companies transform complex business data into actionable visual information)  This allows businesses the flexibility to personalize their dashboards or even build their own custom applications.


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syspro executive dashboards

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