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enterprise performance erp softwareBusiness Perspective:  The role of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is to help bridge the gap between strategy and execution by providing a framework in which information can be delivered in the appropriate way and at the right time, so that plans can be reviewed, objective progress assessed, and performance evaluated.

Today's organizations need immediate access to accurate information for decision support, and to see how the organization is performing against corporate goals. In many cases, organizations have found it difficult to synchronize business strategy with operational execution because they lack real-time visibility into the information needed to support decision-making. Often, organizations are using disconnected applications (for example, Excel spreadsheets) to record and analyze data, or managers have to wait for another department to complete some work before getting information.

SYSPRO reaches the following important goals of:

  • Real-time access to operational information;
  • Data-driven decision making; and
  • Target-oriented management;

Businesses need to apply new approaches, acquire tools and solutions, and ensure a centralized, integrated information system is in place.

Organizations, having implemented ERP systems, know that although the data needed to run the business is stored in the system, it is often difficult to access and use to make decisions. Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions allow business users to carry out the planning, monitoring and analysis functions that they need to ensure Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) and performance goals can be achieved.

SYSPRO enables planning, monitoring and analyzing your organizational processes and KPIs. Synoptic views of decision-drivers and critical thresholds are provided through features such as Executive Dashboards, SYSPRO Analytics and Cash Flow Forecasting.

SYSPRO 6.1 allows users to configure any aspect of the user interface in any application to build in dynamic executive views and/or dashboards. These views are based on sophisticated charts, list views and interactive charts (the latter forms part of SYSPRO's Executive Dashboard module). The views can be dropped into any application in a few seconds and are immediately active. All views are based on real-time information and can be customized exactly to the user's requirements.

Boardroom Quality Reporting via Executive Dashboards

SYSPRO Executive Dashboards is an interactive visual analysis solution that is seamlessly integrated into the SYSPRO ERP solution.

  • Allows businesses access to a visual presentation of the real-time data in their ERP solution without the need to incur the large investment typically associated with Business Intelligence solutions.
  • Provides executives with the business process management and what-if analysis tools to leverage strategic advantage from their investment in ERP.

These dashboards are a fusion of the capabilities of SYSPRO Executive Views and SYSPRO Business Objects with that of Crystal Dashboard Design – (a product that delivers next-generation visual analysis tools that allow users of different skill levels in small, mid-size, and enterprise companies to transform complex business data into actionable visual information). This technology forms part of the SYSPRO Dashboards module to provide an interactive visual view of a company's data.

You can configure dynamic executive views and dashboards from a number of pre-defined dashboards which, once dropped into any application, are immediately active.

The following types of dashboards are available:

  • Flowcharts: This dashboard builds the steps on which different financial ratios are calculated. Years and budgets are compared for up to 10 years.
  • Gauges: This dashboard displays trends of financial ratios between current and previous years, as well as the current year versus the current budget.
  • Timelines: This dashboard displays a timeline of financial ratios for the past two years and current budget performance.
  • Trend Analysis: This dashboard displays financial ratio trends of the percentages of the past three years including budgets.
  • Widgets: These widgets compare the past three years and budget values of financial ratios.
  • Performance overviews: This dashboard displays the top and bottom 10 suOpliers based on measures, including period detail, for the past three years.
  • Scorecards: This dashboard displays a scorecard of the top and bottom five suppliers based on the average purchase price, backdated for three years.
  • Sales: This dashboard displays % profit, % budget attained, total units and sales values.
  • WIP: This dashboard displays expected and actual costs, efficiencies and cost variances for WIP.

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enterprise performance management

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