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erp software centrsl administrationBusiness Perspective:  Businesses today require user permissions, screen management, activity auditing, reporting and compliance to regulatory and internal standards. Their ERP system must be advanced to accommodate these needs without code-and-wait cycles.  Simply configure, train and use is our motto for SYSPRO 6.1 the enterprise solution.

SYSPRO is becoming increasingly sophisticated in terms of flexible setup and security options. SYSPRO 6.1 allows users to configure these security options and all customization of the user interface at role level. A centralized administration application manages all the security and a centralized tool manages all the user interface changes.

Role Based Security

This is an optional security feature that consolidates existing security facilities within SYSPRO, allowing them to be configured by role. Enabling an administrator to assign an operator to a role provides a much simpler mechanism when managing security - especially for a larger number of operators and when new operators join an organization.

  • A Role Management program allows you to configure:
  • Activities (also known as operator activities)
  • Fields (also known as operator fields)
  • Access (also known as operator access control - such as warehouse, branch, bank, job class, account and contact)
  • Programs (also known as group access control by program)
  • eSignatures (electronic signatures)

Import and export capabilities allow the configuration on one system to be used at another system. When configuring the role-based security, you can use existing configurations by operator/group, etc., to make the initial setup easier.

eSignature VBScript Triggers

The eSignature (electronic signatures) System enables you to configure and invoke a VBScript when a trigger is fired. This allows for almost unlimited triggering capability since virtually any type of application can be invoked using VBScripts, including SYSPRO Business Objects. The VBScript can use a number of common system variables (i.e. company, operator, date, transaction id) as well as transaction-specific parameters (e.g. stock code, warehouse, quantity).

SYSPRO Reporting Services (SRS) Document Administration


  • Archive created documents
  • Retrieve (and optionally print) archived documents, including the capability of searching for historical documents
  • Import and export documents in a way that all settings and files are accessible to the customer
  • Print a document to more than one device
  • Create and maintain document types, document templates and sample document templates
  • Set all new properties against documents in a style consistent with the product; and delete existing unused document template files.

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