Power Tailoring in SYSPRO Lingo Means Ease-of-Use

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Business Perspective:  What results with power tailoring a flexible ERP system is a practical business toolset with ease-of-use.   If you need to customize the look and feel of normally complex screens to just what you need, the way you think it should be; where do you turn?  Does your current ERP software have the flexbility and customization options?

syspro software dashboard

Benefit of SYSPRO software:  Ease of Use

A fluid user interface from SYSPRO's use of Microsoft's Office component technology provides a familiar and standard interface for users.  Centralized administration of the interface facilitates simplified, efficient administration of tailoring at multiple levels from the CEO to the user level.  System wide personalization streamlines the implementation of company specific standards, such as the rewording of default field captions to align with company terminology, while role and user based personalization simplifies the modification of user interface elements, such as menus, toolbars and forms.

Benefit of SYSPRO software:  Control

Powerful form tailoring capability provides control over the appearance and behavior of display and entry forms without the need for specialist development skills. 

For example:  You can configure forms to display additional data automatically, such as CAD drawings associated with stock codes; insert an editable or read-only notepad against any key field; remove any fields you do not use; and control and streamline the way data is entered, through configurable input masks and case settings.

Benefit of SYSPRO software:  Quick Analysis

Capabilities for quick analysis are provided in data listviews:

  • Excel style filtering of columns enables you to rapidly identify unique values
  • Autosumming features provide column totals, averages and counts
  • Conditional formatting enables the rapid extraction of the top, or bottom 10 values.
  • Listview templates enable the inclusion of in­line graphics for each listview transaction (e.g. actual versus expected costs per job number, or actual versus expected sales per product).
  • Furthermore, you can paste data cut from an external application (such as Excel) directly into a SYSPRO data grid (such as the general ledger journal).

Benefit of SYSPRO software:  Easily modify any application

SYSPRO 6.1 customization allows you to modify the behavior of any SYSPRO application and to add business functionality without requiring development skills. The end result is a fully personalized system designed to adapt and change as requirements evolve.  These changes are not affected by software upgrades and do not compromise the underlying security or business logic.

Benefit of SYSPRO software:  Presentation

SYSPRO 6.1 also allows you to present any information (right down to cell level) in a graphical and aesthetically pleasing approach using a combination of Excel style features and XAML Markup code. Administrators can additionally use sophisticated development tools such as Visual Studio to build and deploy .NET applications that interact with core SYSPRO applications and are implemented as a seamless part of the SYSPRO applications. Once these .NET applications reside on a central server they can be deployed to the client computer automatically as required.



The long and short of it is that you get it your way without a costly code-and-wait scenario as the managers maintain control.  The ERP software is designed to configure, train and use to simplifying your enterprise.

 syspro demo

Up Next: Centralized Administration
Centralized administration manages all security and user interface changes. Simlifying Productivity.

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