The Old ERP Software is Outgrown - Moving into Scalable ERP Software

Posted by Gerry Poe

Since ERP Software (Enterprise Resource Planning) has been around for three decades, it can be safely said: "Antique ERP Software can debunk a business success."

When a CFO approaches me and with grumblings abou "Outgrowing the old ERP system", there is a hesitation to provide a solution.  If instead the CFO had implemented a scalable ERP solution that grew as the business grew (Or had the ability to down-scale), the current problem would not exist.  Once the CFO has knowledge of the "Scalable ERP solution", there is regret for taking the original path as tens of thousands of dollars would not have been wasted.

No one is to blame for the decision to commit to a system which does NOT scale with the business.  The ERP solutions are many and the sales force of an ERP company is not typically aware of every alternative.

The Decision:

As the ERP solutions are considered, the CFO needs to understand how information will flow from the shop floor to the back office and all points in between.  During this same time frame, data will also need to flow between the company and its offshore contract manufacturers.  Everything happens simoultaneously to ensure there is one single truth and everyone on the team is moving forward with confidence.

Syspro 6.1 improves the capacity for management as:

scc globlal logo plain 3  Users are searching for new ways to tailor how work is done in their company.

scc globlal logo plain 3  They want the ability to differentiate how they approach some processes.

scc globlal logo plain 3  ERP implementers need to raise the bar in regards to best practices, business process re-engineering skills and libraries of industry-specific process and workflows to new customers

Focus on processes and workflows continues to have high priorty and much needed in the mid-market.  SYSPRO's  ability to customize and meet the need of mid-market industries is unsurpassed.

The Barrier:

The now antique ERP + Workflow products were either targeted for the large enterprises or were bolt-on technologies which did not ntegrate well with the ERP system. 

Unfortunately, mid-market customers are often given few choices and endured products that were:

scc globlal logo plain 3  Implemented as generic systems even though the solution didn’t fit their business needs.

scc globlal logo plain 3  Too costly to modify

scc globlal logo plain 3  Expensive to upgrade.  (if they had been modified previously.)

scc globlal logo plain 3  A poor fit for the industry which reduced functionality.

What is needed is a technology that permits changes which are easy to implement, low cost, and somewhat automated.

If you are considering new ERP solutions, the new solution will:

scc globlal logo plain 3  Permit all users to visualize processes graphically and change these process flows easily.

scc globlal logo plain 3  Help align user activities, processes and business strategies.

scc globlal logo plain 3  Facilitate business transformation whether it be for just one-time or a continuous transition.

scc globlal logo plain 3  Provide all levels visibility to workflows and outcomes.

scc globlal logo plain 3  Is fully integrated with more than just Human Resources or Finance.  (Sales, Cash, Inventory, etc.)

scc globlal logo plain 3  Reduce the costs of audits (The result of having processes more predictable and prevents non-standard exceptions from occurring)

scc globlal logo plain 3  Create the standardization your firm requires.

SYSPRO ERP software solutions ensures that a CFO does not have embarassing moments in the future when the business booms (or declines) and will serve the small and mid-sized businesses well now and in the future just as it has done for many years.

Elimate future conversations which might include:  "ERP is too big" or "ERP is too small". 

Download whitepaper:

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