How Successful Businesses Compete With ERP

Posted by Gerry Poe

compete better with erp To run a successful business in today’s technological market businesses need enterprise software.  Optimizing productivity and simplifying the processes, enterprise software greases the wheel in both management and in operations. 

Originally enterprise software primarily focused on back office functions.  This is no longer true.  To be effective, enterprise resource planning software should include:

  • Software integrating internal and external management information across an entire company’s organization.
  • Integration for customer management along with essential business management software.
  • Mobility applications.  (Of significant importance.)
  • The ability to deploy business applications in a modular manner throughout departments to address specific challenges without the need for costly upgrades.
    • This alone can save a company ten’s of thousands of dollars.
  • A method to provide better insight and visibility across company infrastructure to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • ERP software functions such as customer relationship.
  • Supply-chain management and warehouse management solutions.
  • A solution to manage both HR and Payroll.
  • The ability to take complete control over order processing, distribution and manufacturing.
  • Ways to streamline your company’s organization and productivity.
  • Multi-lingual operation.   

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution which offers a business the opportunity to take control of all facets of business is the SYSPRO Business Suite.  Syspro Business Suite provides a company with a multitude of management tools. Benefits from this software include access to the most complete, integrated business intelligence portfolio, adaptable global business platform, and customer-focused applications strategy.

As a Syspro partner for over 20 years, Santa Clarita Consultants has provided ERP solutions for companies to streamline operations and optimize productivity.  Tailoring software to the needs of each business and catering to the specific styles of management is what Syspro software and Santa Clarita Consultants is all about.

If you would like to know more about how to keep up in the world where mobility is now a priority for business success, contact Syspro Partner:  Santa Clarita Consultants today.

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