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rfid erp software

By utilizing RFID and sensor-driven applications, project implementation time can be reduced by as much as 80%.

RFID application and use: 

  • Lay Down and Storage Yard Management
  • IT Asset/Data Center Management
  • Returnable Container Track and Trace
  • Food Safety and Harvest Management
  • WIP/Supply Chain Inventory Management.
  • Returnable Container Tracking
    •  Manage and track returnable pallets, skids and containers as they are used internally and by partners throughout the business ecosystem. Associate product to a container, automate service alerts billing and more.
  • Yard Management
    • Manage construction storage yards of building materials, chemicals, vehicles, and other valuable assets requiring a close eye and instant accessibility when needed.
  • Food Safety and Harvest Management
    • Track fresh food from field to fork using RFID, GPS and other sensor-based technologies for precise tracking and indisputable traceability.
  • IT/Data Center and Corporate Asset Tracking and Management
    • Track and Manage IT and other valuable assets, including servers, laptops, lab equipment, personnel and much more. run instant audits, issue alerts based on out-of tolerance conditions and much more.
  • WIP/Supply Chain Inventory Management
    • Manage and track inventory as product is manufactured, shipped, stored in 3PL warehouses, and beyond using web-based user interfaces.

RFID is the next logiocal extension to your Warehouse Management System. By adding the ability to "sniff" out inventory in obscure of overloaded warehouse space, account for costly assets, track and log movements without manual processes and more.

With the automation extension of RFID, a company can handle more transactions with accuracy adding value to the supply chain and reducing costs.

Are you interested in learning more about how to incrase the number of transactions and reduce costs with RFID and Warehouse Managmenet SystemsContact us today

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