Enterprise Resource Planning Software: Single Source of the Truth

Posted by Gerry Poe

ERP software for retailers

Enterprise Resource Planning Software is the next step for many retailers.  Serious discussion about the value of ERP continue but the voice of Dilit Popat makes it clear that the new generation of enterprise resource planning software will appeal to retail companies who are inundated with data.

Dilit Popat said in a recent article about ERP for retailers:

“To resolve the integration challenge retailers are taking a fresh look at enterprise resource planning (ERP) as a means to gaining that all important ‘single version of the truth’ that comes with the achievement of gaining central control of critical operations and seamless connectivity with consumers and suppliers.”  Read more...

Any business must focus on the infrastructure, integration and utilization to achieve a "single version of the truth'.  Since the new generation of ERP software includes a modular off-the-shelf approach. small to mid-sized businesses can have the availability of an end-to-end enterprise software solution.  Integration is the key to seamlessly provide growth, sustainability and profit.   

Future investment considerations include integration as a primary objective.  If the systems brought to the table do not seamlessly integrate, out-of-the-box, as standard within an ERP Software package, drop it and move on.  'Not integrated' is a sure sign there will be a higher expense to have systems connected, extend installation time and increase the risk of failure.


With retail looking at enterprise resource planning software (ERP) to gain their 'single version of the truth', manufacturers and distributors should demand fully integrated end-to-end enterprise software systems prepared to grow and adapt as their business demands flex. 

With enterprise resource planning software modular systems available to install, configure and implement; businesses are able to plan and predict successfully when the need arises.  With an ERP software at the very core of a business, it must be trusted to meet business needs with no interruption and enhance productivity.

If you would like to learn more about how SYSPRO ERP integration happens and how your business can gain an advantage with a 'single version of the truth, contact Supply Chain Coalition.  Ask "How can my business have a single version vs. multiple versions of truth?"


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