SYSPRO ERP Software - The Laws of ERP and Business Success

Posted by Gerry Poe

This video is about the Laws of ERP and discusses what businesses really need to succeed in today's global and economical climates.  Syspro is an award winning company which provides ERP software solutions used by companies around the world.

There is a common complaint about ERP systems which relates to how complex an ERP software system can be.

This video may have a bit of fun but can be a tool to share the basic thought process about how an ERP team implements a plan.  A great video for the staff of a company who do not understand what is about to happen when the integration begins.  There is more to an ERP software system than meets the eye but putting a business in trusted hands, it can be much simpler than imagined.

If you are interested in having a conversation about award winning ERP software solutions from an ERP expert with over 24 years of success, contact Santa Clarita Consultants. 

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