What is ERP?

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The definition of ERP, how can ERP help a business, what does ERP do and who should be considering an ERP software solution is reviewed.

What is ERP?

ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is the evolution of business software systems spanning three decades. Beginning with accounting, distribution, and manufacturing systems, ERP now extends technology reach aligning demand with supply through enterprise wide integration.

How can ERP help my business? 

ERP, like any technology, helps in areas of automation, accuracy, reliability, consistency and conformance.  ERP allows your business to be wrapped in a cloak of simplicity while managing vast complexities behind the scenes, giving you peace of mind that despite requirements to employ complex business systems, managing complex enterprise demands, connection to the "system" can be simplified.

What does a good ERP system do?

Properly installed and implemented accounting software can contribute many benefits to your organization, including:

  • Better decision-making capabilities. Sound accounting software can provide both a snapshot-in time look at your organization, as well as the detailed reports and other data necessary for long-term strategic planning.
  • Improved cash flow. Cash management is essential for all businesses. Integrated billing, inventory, accounts receivable, and accounts payable allow you to manage that valuable cash more easily and efficiently. Better cash management provides your organization with more options for revenue-generating campaigns and long-term growth.

  • More accurate, consistent and valuable information. With fully integrated accounting software, you’ll not only have more information at your fingertips, you’ll have information that is more accurate. Unlike a manual accounting system, where a great deal of time is spent cross-checking figures recorded in different ledgers (and where the potential for errors dramatically increases)in a good computerized  accounting system, information is entered only once and is used throughout the system.

  • More process and operational control. Integrated accounting software provides real-time access to your organization’s critical financial information. This provides you with greater control and the ability to more efficiently manage the components of your business.
  • A foundation for growth, future and profit. The right accounting software can help you as your organization grows: expanding as your business expands, allowing for additional users, and offering the kinds of reports and other business intelligence data required.

Who should consider choosing a new ERP software accounting system?

  • You want the freedom to choose among multiple operating systems, databases, and applications as your business expands or changes.

  • You’re a fast-growing company and need systems which flex with you.

  • Your international requirements aren’t being properly met.

  • Your company has outgrown your current system.

  • Your processes have changed the way you do business.

  • Technology has fallen behind business demands.

  • You’re using a PC-based spreadsheet (for example, Lotus or Microsoft Excel) or an introductory accounting package (for example, QuickBooks, Peachtree, or other system).

  • You’ve got an “old system” legacy system customized for your organization which people may not necessarily like, but they understand and can use without much effort.

ERP functionality will vary as each business has it's own requirements. "...the more we allow you to change the application yourself the more likely you are to get the best out of your system, and the more likely it is that your people will respond positively to using the system. Part of our job, as providers of business software, is to deliver an intuitive user experience and to help you maximize the effective use of the software in your organization."  Phil Duff CEO of SYSPRO

Look at the facts of SYSPRO ERP system which can be tailored to the needs of your business.

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