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How can a company know which ERP software solutions provider will deliver transparency and focus to solve demanding business challenges?

Here are the essentials an ERP software consultant must offer:

  • Vision– The best ERP software solutions consultant has the ability to identify obstacles and develop solutions that grow with you.
    • Thinking long term and vs. short term.
    • Creating your vision without constraints.
  • Innovation– An ERP software consultant company must be able to work as a catalyst to drive corporate innovation. Long term success is driven by invention and raising your value bar in the marketplace.
    • Repackaging the old is no longer an effective alternative. 
    • You must demand solutions that are dynamic and fit with changing needs.
  • Constant Improvement– Quality is not a destination. An ERP software consultant helps its clients continually improve by developing systems that automate the process of measuring results and proactively self correct.
  • Usability and Scalability - Understanding how to implement a plan to integrate ERP solutions which maximizes on usability and scalability takes years of experience.
    • Usability implies ease of use, and simplicity 
    • Scalability implies growing w/o pain

Both are important, but as a company takes on something new, they are less likely to consider scale, because they have already “scaled” to their needs when they bought.  Scale is critical once they have “fit” it into their business and are ready for more function, users, integration, etc…

The best ERP software consultant knows this can be double edged.. each is as important.  When drilling down with more analysis, scalability is more important.  The future says what they should be buying, ease of use happens as a function of use and familiarity.  Up front, usability is seen as most important to business leaders who are less familiar with their new ERP software solutions.

  • Knowledge Transfer - Getting the most out of your ERP system and experience is based on understanding:
    • Capability (present and future) of your ERP System.
    • Integration of your ERP System.
    • Utilization of your ERP technologies.
    • Management of future-state corporate vision.


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