2016 Internet Security Threat Report: Security Landscape; Software, Appliances, Threats, and Capabilities

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The 2016 Intenet Security Threat Report provides an overview and analysis of the year in global threat activity.

Last year, 2015, Symantec discovered more than 430 million new unique pieces of malware. Remalware-2016.pngmarkably, these numbers no longer surprise us. Attacks against businesses and nations hit the headlines with such regularity that we’ve become numb to the sheer volume and acceleration of cyber threats. Most threat reports only scratch the surface of the threat landscape, whereas the breadth of Symantec’s data enables the Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) to examine multiple facets, including:

  • Targeted attacks
  • Smartphone threats
  • Social media scams
  • Internet of Things (IoT) vulnerabilities
  • Attackers’ tactics, motivations, and behaviors

While there is much to be learned from this comprehensive view of the threat landscape, the following are six key findings and trends from 2015:

  • A new zero-day vulnerability was discovered on average each week. Advanced attackers continue to profit from flaws in browsers and website plugins.
  • Half a billion personal records were stolen or lost. More companies than ever are not reporting the full extent of their data breaches.
  • Major security vulnerabilities in three quarters of favorite websites put us all at risk. Web administrators still struggle to stay current on patches.
  • Spear-phishing campaigns targeting employees increased 55 percent. Cyber attackers are playing the long game against large companies.
  • Ransomware increased 35 percent. Cyber criminals are using encryption as a weapon to hold companies’ and individuals’ critical data hostage.
  • One hundred million fake technical support scams were blocked. Cyber scammers now make you call them to hand over your cash.

CyberSecurity, though hotly debated, conflates forms and methods disturbing various economic, social and criminal issues. Fear and intimidation combined with extortion and corrupt intent. These conditions lead to constraining freedom and business as usual.



Share this information with your security teams about the cyber threat landscape and the potential impact it has for their organization.

Knowing how cybercriminals are threatening security is the first step to securing your information—and your company’s goals. From data breaches to digital extortion, the 2016 Symantec Internet Security Threat Report leverages an unparalleled amount of data and is the resource you need to uncover digital threats quickly. 

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