Blanket Sales Orders and Releases

Blanket-Sales-Orders-and-Releases-factsheet-cover360SYSPRO Blanket Sales Orders provides an effective method of setting up contracts between Original Equipment

Manufacturers (OEMs) and their supplier by allowing blanket sales orders with multiple release dates, multiple call-offs and cumulative tracking.

The fact sheet will show the benefits of Blanket Sales Orders and Releases:

  • Filter changes in orders quickly to schedule purchasing, manufacturing and dispatching in
    order to achieve the customer’s request
  • Advise customers of the practicality of changes
    and communicate these changes to internal
    supplying department
  • Provide easy access to quantities delivered and
    outstanding per contract
  • Detailed query provides access to sales order lines,
    customer information and release history
  • Easy reconciliation according to individual
    quantities or cums

SYSPRO Blanket Sales Orders provides an effective method of setting up contracts between original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers by providing blanket sales orders with multiple release dates, multiple call-offs and cumulative tracking. An underlying problem for suppliers is the time it takes to action a new release and the ability of management to examine the ramifications of any changes. The process is inherently difficult and error-prone, often resulting in the supplier incurring penalties for stopping the OEM's assembly line. The supplier is neither able to check timely that the OEMs are adhering to the contract, nor do they have time to establish their own capability of meeting the new requests. This results in missed delivery dates, emergency purchasing and production control in a permanent state of expediting.

The Blanket Sales Orders and Releases system is designed to address these problems. It enables the easy capture or import of a new release and provides the necessary tools to manipulate the release and advise the customer of what has been accepted or changed, and why. It enables updating of existing scheduled orders automatically, and provides an audit trail of deliveries so that disputes over quantities supplied to date can be resolved. It also enables the various tasks to be subdivided so that the appropriate level of staff can be employed for each function.

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