Bill of Materials

SYSPRO Bill of Materials facilitates an accurate expected cost against which to track actual production costs.


The complete bill forms the basis for material and capacity planning, shop floor control and costing. You can create and maintain a model of your manufactured or assembled products as well as generate what-if costing scenarios.

The fact sheet will show the Benefits of Bill of Materials:

  • Intuitive tree-view display with operational Gantt Charts
  • Analyze BOM and ‘what-if’ costs
  • Compare BOM costs to current inventory costs
  • Identify material shortages with multi-level trial kitting
  • Support planning bills, phantom parts and
    sub-contract operations
  • Optional components supported for sales of kits
  • Track effectivity dates of components
  • Define scrap factors for more accurate planning
  • Define routes per location for accurate costing and planning
  • Plan for co/by-products, apportioning costs accurately

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